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Sublime Text

A Good, Fast Editor

Sublime Text 2(Better than most IDE)
Video: Stuart Herbert - Why I switched from Netbeans to Sublime Text 2
Video: Jeffery Way - Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2  Great introductions for each topic
Ubuntu Install
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sublime-text

Goodies to add:
Package Control, Prefixr, Shell Turtlestein, sublime-jslint, SublimeLinter, Jade, Stylus
Jim recomends Blackboard color scheme -- I think he's right!


What is Git?Where to get startedGit setup walk through
How to install Git
Ubuntu & RaspberryPi: sudo apt-get install git-core
Mac OS:
Git Community Book and VideosIntro to git for web designers


What is HTML5?
5 Things You Should Know About HTML5
Test my browser
Where to start?
Book: Dive into HTML5 OnlinePDFPrinted
Book: HTML5 Up and Running Kindle or Paperback


What is NodeJS?Infographic
Why NodeJS ?Where is NodeJS ?
How to NodeJS ?Beginners Guide to NodeJSHow to Debug [Video]
Node.js in Production [Video]

Lanuage Trends:Open Source Code ActivityForum Activity
What is event-driven and why should I care?(what is non-blocking I/O?)
Who is using NodeJS? Look Here(Linkedln, Microsoft, Yahoo, Walmart)
and Here(MySpace, LearnBoost, Storify, Yummly, Koding, Persona, Clipboard,

Support for Oracle: db-oracleInstructions on installing the Linux Oracle client
and then the Node.js database bindings

Books: Locally Owned

Video Tutorials: NodeTutsExpressJS ScreencastsnodecastsNodeJS and RaspberryPi


What is Raspbery Pi ?
FAQSQuick StartAccessories
Oracle's JDK8 for RaspberryPi
Ten Tips for New Raspberry Pi Owners
University of Cambridge has created a free, easy learning course
Video Tutorials: Raspberry Pi Tutorial
How to: (using Node.js on Raspberry Pi)
chat server, Adafruit's WebIDE,web server
How to: (Raspberry Pi Hardware projects)
Using GPIO on Raspberry Pi to blink an LED How to Make a Raspberry Pi Case From an Altoids Tin
Pi and ROSPi GPIO and home automation Pi Loves Sensors
Pi WiFi rock crawlerPi and shift register
Books:Programming Raspberry Pi: Getting Started With Python
Videos:RaspberryPi Media center - XBMC

Other Interesting Things

Gliffy(browser-based network diagram, entity-relationship diagram editor)
Reveal.js(presentations using HTML5, no powerpoint needed)
JQuery TableSorter(Works great)
Google Charts
Google Fonts


CSS3 test
HTML5 tests

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